Make your own necklace and earring stands


These stands are relatively simple to make. Finished stands (by my measurements) are:
Necklace: Height – 34.5 cms Width – 23 cms
Earring: Height – 11.5 cms Width – 8.5 cms

Both designs can be changed to suit your needs.

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Templates; please see here
Black/White Foamcore Board (approx $14 per sheet – white is cheaper)
Sheet 3mm boxboard (size 3000ums)
Double-sided black tape (12mm wide)
Tube black acrylic paint
Paint brush
Any type of thick card to make your template (white sheet from newsagent is perfect)
Stanley Knife

To Make:

Firstly print out templates and enlarge to whatever size you want on photocopier. I enlarged mine by 35% to get the above sizes.
Use a glue stick to glue your template to the white card and cut out the shape.

Use this template to trace shape onto foamcore board using biro. I got 5 large and 6 small out of my piece of board. Cut out the shapes with a stanley knife – use a ruler for any straight edges.

Next: The template for the stand for the back is actually a bit short so lengthen from point to end to 22cms. Trace this shape onto boxboard and cut out. For the earring stand I used same template and centred a ruler through point and ran a line each side of ruler – 3cms wide and 9 cms long.

Once you have the stand cut out score a line across about a cm down, this is to make the bend. If you’re not sure at this point have a look at a picture frame with a stand on the back.

On the side you have scored a line with a stanley knife, attach a piece of double sided tape to the 1cm block. This will be attached to the foamcore.

Your next job is to bring both together. This is a bit of a juggle. Ok, line up the two bottom edges. Stand may hang out a few mmls but wont matter. Once it’s standing upright it wont be seen from the front. Now, attach stand to foamcore on the other side of tape.


As boxboard comes in natural cardboard colour you need to paint to match the black (or white). I just used one of the kid’s paintbrushes and the $2 tube of paint to coat the whole thing in black – let dry – And…..Voila …..Done!


Foamcore board comes in black/white – black cost me around $14 but the white is cheaper. It can also be painted any colour.

My local supplier is Radmac Office Choice in Ballarat. They have very graciously offered help/assistance/mail order to anyone who needs it
Just email Kerryn at radmac. Please mention the necklace/earring stands so she knows what you’re on about – Beading Forum.

Finally: My thanks go to:
Yvonne at Crystal Flair – for helping me get this to you all
Ladymacbead – for encouraging me to have a go
Kerryn at radmac – for putting up with all my questions and all her good advice.

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