Gemstone profiles

If you are interested in the characteristics and healing benefits of gemstones then we have a brief outline here of the most popular gemstones profile. Please do remember that these are only guidelines and that you should always consult your health specialist when treating physical, psychological and emotional conditions.

Agate – Comes in a range of colours from white through to black, and can consist of banding.This gemstone usually appears translucent. It acts to stabilize the body and mind, as well as evoking soothing reactions within the body.

Amazonite – Normally appears in the colours blue to green, and is opaque. This stone acts to purify the body, and also balances it.

Amber – Is fossilized resin that is most often found in the colours yellow to brown. Within amber bubbles or tension lines can usually be seen. It’s main function is to heal the body, however it also creates realization within ones mind.

Amethyst – Appears in the form of purple to violet, and has a transparent look. This stone allows spirituality and peace within the mind. Creating a higher level of consciousness.

Apatite – Is present in the colours pink, yellow, green, blue, and violet. It is a transparent stone, that evokes creativity.

Aquamarine – Is a stone found in the colours from light blue to green. It creates courage within a person, and encourages readiness and preparation.

Aventurine – Often found in the colour green, this stone is used to balance energies, as well as to protect.

Carnelian – Iron is this stones colouring agent, causing it to range from brownish red to orange. It also comes in both opaque and translucent forms. It causes deep relaxation, and protects the mind against negative emotions such as envy and sorrow.

Coral – Comes from the sea, and is present in the colours black, pink, red, white, and blue. It encourages peace, and is representative of diplomacy.

Dumortierite – Is transparent or opaque, and comes in dark blue, violet blue, red brown, as well as colourless. This stone creates patience and stamina within the mind and body.

Emerald – Most emerald stones are clouded, with only ones of the finest quality being transparent. They occur in greens, from emerald greens to yellow greens. This gemstone causes healing, as well as strengthening mental functions such as memory.

Fluorite – Comes in all colours or can be colourless. It has a luster, and can be transparent or translucent.It discourages chaos, and creates sensible reasoning within those around it. This stone also allows one to see the truth in situations.

Garnet – Comes coloured or streaked, and can be opaque to transparent. It is a stone that promotes health by removing negative energies from the body. It also provides one with commitment to aspects of their lives.

Gold – The colour of gold can range from a golden shade, to a silvery tinge, to an orange red. Gold allows one to show their inner beauty, and improves on a persons character traits. It is also known as a gemstone of wealth and prosperity.

Hematite – Can be black, black grey, or brown red. It can have streaks of a brown red colour and is opaque.This stone provides clarity in ones mind, and enhances memory and thinking. As well as this, hematite has a calming effect.

Howlite – Is snow white in colour, and can display black or dark brown veins. It encourages communication, and provides ambition in ones life.

Iolite – Can be blue, violet, or brownish, and is translucent in appearance. Iolite is a beneficial stone during meditation, and enhances spiritual growth. This stone also balances ones character.

Jade – Jade is a very strong stone, and was once used for arms and tools.It is most commonly found in green, however is also available in other colours.This stone brings out the full potential in a person and promotes devotion.

Jasper – Comes in all colours, and is normally striped or spotted, and is opaque. It promotes one to be caring of others,and is also believed to protect.

Labradorite – Comes in a variety colours including grey black, to colourless. It can be transparent or opaque. It helps one to progress, and also protects ones aura.

Lapis Lazuli – Is blue, violet, or a greenish blue, and is opaque. This stone assists one in becoming aware, and brings joy a person as well as relationships.

Malachite – Can be light to black green and is banded. It comes opaque or translucent. This stone can provide insight, as well as acting as an equalizing force.

Moonstone – Helps adaptation with the changing aspects of ones life. This stone also enhances femininity and assists in the removal of negative energies.

Obsidian – Can appear in the colours black, grey, brown, and green.It is transparent to opaque, and has white streaks.This stone can help one to identify and remove their flaws.

Onyx – Is available in a variety of colours, but mainly appears in black. This stone promotes self control, and discipline. Therefore helping with ones balance in life.

Opal – Comes in a wide variety of mixed colours, and can be opaque or transparent. This stone strengthens a persons individual characteristics, and also promotes creativity and imagination.

Pearl – Can come in white, pink, silver, cream or golden. Pearls can be translucent to opaque. Pearls show faith, and can create purity within ones body and mind.

Peridot – Appears in the colours yellow green, olive green, or with a brownish tinge. This stone is transparent, and creates a friendly energy. It also regulates ones life cycles.

Quartz – Encourages purification on both mental, physical, and spiritual levels. It usually comes in a clear to brownish colouring.

Rhodonite – Appears in the colours pink, rose red, brown red, green, yellow, and black. It acts to balance ones yin and yang energy. It also acts to remove anxieties.

Rose Quartz – Has a strong pink, or pale pink colouring. It appears semi transparent to translucent. It creates the energy of love, but also creates a calming energy.

Ruby – Comes in varying shades of red, and can be transparent to opaque. It represents nobility, and creates mental concentration.

Sapphire – Can come in different tones of blue, colourless, pink, purple, green and a variety of other colours. It can be transparent to opaque. It is a stone of prosperity, that can remove negative thoughts and brings joy.

Silver – Allows one to improve conversations, and allows a person to view themselves from outside. It occurs in a silver white colour, however can tarnish and change.

Smokey Quartz – Is brown to black, or smokey grey. It is transparent, and used to remove negative energies and emotions, as well as promoting clarity of thought.

Soapstone – Appears in the colours green, grey, brown, and white. It can allow a person to adapt to changes, and face the challenges in life.

Sodalite – Can be white, blue or grey, and transparent to opaque. This stone purifies the aura, and also promotes companionship and trust.

Tiger Eye – Is golden yellow, or golden brown in colour, and is opaque. It provides clarity, as well as balance.

Blue Topaz – Allows for cleansing of the mind, and also promotes success in ones endeavors.

Tourmaline – Comes in a wide range of colours, and is transparent to opaque. It can be used to remove fear and cause self confidence.

Turquoise – Forms in the colours sky blue, apple green, and blue green. It can be translucent to opaque. It can provide strength, and also assists in healing ones spirit.

Unakite – Balances both the body, and strong emotions. It also helps one accept the past.

written by Sarah Dacre: for Crystal Flair beading supplies – Beading Forum

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